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      Other Books


      According to Vedanta. by Swami Prabhavananda. Softcover, 127 pages. Baba said this was the most accurate story in the Bible, told here from the Vedanta point of view.Vedanta is an ancient Indian philosophy that teaches the oneness of life. God...


      Softcover, 133 pages.  In an interview with Wayne Smith, Don Stevens describes what he calls three daytime 'visions' he had while walking down the street: "I was walking, and suddenly, I was not in the city, but I was on--...


      My Journey. by Maureen Mack. Softcover, 411 pages.Maureen describes her spiritual journey from her birth in Manchester, England, through years of victimization, to her long-sought victory as the conscious creator of her won reality. Her story recounts her visions of...


      Awakening by a Master, and the Difficult Journey Toward Discipleship. Stories and Essays by Max Reif, Softcover, 230 pages.


      Softcover, 105 pages.  by Pascal Kaplan, PhD The material in this little booklet provides a summary of the experience of consciousness after physical death. It is based primarily on the teachings and writings of Avatar Meher Baba, with additional details...


      Softcover, 80 pages Meher Baba's Universal Prayer, colorfully illustrated by Will David.


      Compiled by Bal Natu. Softcover, 110 pages. Stories from Meher Baba’s followers recounting experiences of His presence in their lives.


      by Sam Kerawala. Softcover, 182 pages.