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      By Charles Haynes. Softcover, 140 pages. Charles shares with us stories from his childhood with Meher Baba. “The stories collected in these pages are memories from my childhood with Meher Baba. For me, however, they are far more than recollections...

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      by Nan Umrigar. Softcover, 252 pages. Nan’s story that began with her best-selling book, Sounds of Silence, reached out to touch hearts all across the world. As a follow up, she narrates a collection of 29 stories told by people...


      Hardcover, 72 pages.  Meditation for a New HumanityMeher Baba  In modern times, a few types of meditation have gained a worldwide following among people who seek relief from stress in a secular context. By contrast, Meher Baba's view is firm...

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      by Rick Chapman. Hardcover, 292 pages. Published 2010. This book tells the true account of a twenty-three-year-old college graduate's first trip to India on a Fulbright Grant and his subsequent private meeting with Avatar Meher Baba at a time when...


      (being a concise account of my rendezvous in India with God in Human Form) By Rick Chapman. Softcover, 90 pages. In his memoir Meeting God in Human Form, author Rick Chapman unfolds the tale of his journey to India as...


      Poems, Anecdotes and Essays. by Jim Migdoll. Softcover, 172 pages. Published 2006. Meher Baba and me presents a refreshingly different perspective on the lover/Beloved 'play'. By turns poignant, irreverent, earthy and zany; the book clearly conveys the joy and wonder...


      Fifteen Essays by Don Stevens & Companions.Softcover, 197 pages. From a review by Ralph Lewis: “This is one of the most significant books ever written about the spiritual path. It is an in-depth profound exploration of how we obtain guidance...


      Softcover, 147 pages.  Meher Baba's Man in Europe, a Memoir of Don Stevensby Michael Morice I think of this as a biographical memoir of Don, because it is told largely through the lens of my own relationship with him.The story...

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      by Kenneth Lux. Softcover, 193 ppPublished 2001Kenneth’s life and voyage of discovery of the Avatar. You will have to read the book to find out where the tortoise fits in the story.”Kenneth is probably the most articulate & elegant writer...


      by Adv. K.N.M. Gandhi. Softcover, 119 pages.

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      by Bill Le Page. Softcover, 164 pages. A collection of stories and messages from the life of Meher Baba.

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      Softcover, 101 pages. by Bal Natu. A collection of delightful stories of the impact of Meher Baba on the lives of some of His followers around the world.


      by Bill Le Page. Softcover 129 pages. Published 1999. Bill Le Page shares some of his thoughts and memories about his life with Meher Baba. Most of the brief stories and vignettes in this book were gathered by Bill from...


      by John Grant. Softcover 240 pages. Published 1987. John Grant gives us the first accounting of Baba in Australia, detailing the first time the Avatar of the Age set foot on the antipodean shores in August 1956. The next visit in...


      by Naosherwan Anzar. Softcover, 88 pages. Naosherwan says of his book: “Presence is the narration of a mystical journey; a pathway to spiritual freedom that transcends fear.”


      Pamphlet, 64 pages This small booklet is compiled from writings in the name of Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age, and made available to society in order to enlighten the awareness of man with the true values of life...


      Softcover, 120 pages Stories from Meher Baba's Sahavas of 1955

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      The Perfect Masterby K. K. RamakrishnanSoftcover, 128 pages An introduction to Sai Baba of Shirdi, one of the five perfect masters of Meher Baba's time.

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      by Amiya Kumar Hazra & Keith Gunn. Softcover, 218 pages. This book, long in the making, is the result of Amiya's desire to save the Baba stories of elderly Baba lovers he knew for posterity. A valuable collection of stories...


      Booklet, 60 pages. By Hoshang Dadachanji.   A brief biography of Shireen Sheriar Irani, The Mother who delivered the ‘Deliverer’.


      Softcover, 376 pages, and 60 photographs.  Slave of Love is a biography of Dr. William Donkin, Avatar Meher Baba's close disciple and doctor. Dr. Donkin was the only Western man to accompany Meher Baba on the New Life, live with...


      by Don Stevens. Softcover, 113 pages. Published 1995. Some Results recounts Don Stevens’ observations on the effect of Meher Baba over some decades on the lives of people Don had known intimately.


      by Nan UmrigarSoftcover, 239 pages. “I had absolutely no leanings towards spirituality or spiritualism for that matter,” says Nan Umrigar. “And I must admit that the space for God remained restricted to simple visits to the Zoroastrian fire temple on...


      The original self-published version of “Sounds of Silence, A Bridge Across Two Worlds”. by Nan Umrigar. Softcover, 247 pages. “I had absolutely no leanings towards spirituality or spiritualism for that matter,” says Nan Umrigar. “And I must admit that the...