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      By Charles Haynes. Softcover, 140 pages. Charles shares with us stories from his childhood with Meher Baba. “The stories collected in these pages are memories from my childhood with Meher Baba. For me, however, they are far more than recollections...


      by Don Stevens. Softcover, 206 pages. Published 2007. With contributions from Charles Haynes, David Carter, Ed Flanagan, Elias Petrides, Marlena Applebaum, and Laurent Weichberger. This ambitious project brings together some of the most eloquent Meher Baba followers around today to...


      Softcover, 85 pages.  The Wit and Wisdom of Elizabeth, disciple of Meher Baba In his recollections of life with Elizabeth Chapin Patterson (1896-1980), Charles Haynes provides an intimate portrait of one of Meher Baba's foremost Western disciples. Through her care...