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      Memories of Meher Baba, by Bili Eaton. Softcover, 133 pages. Published 1984. This book of personal memoirs by Bili Eaton tells of time with Meher Baba during the 1950s and 1960s, and it also contains a previously unpublished collection of...

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      By Somerset Maugham. The classic tale adapted by Alan Benjamin and beautifully illustrated by Roger Essley. Abdullah, the very old servant of a merchant, recognizes Death disguised as an old woman and decides to try to put off his appointment...

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      by Barbara Scott. Softcover, 127 pages. Published 2002. This is Barbara Scott's witty and downright fun account of how Meher Baba gathered up the hearts and minds of a group of young people in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 1967....

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      Compiled by Rose Reed. Hardcover, 83 pages. A great introduction to Meher Baba’s teachings, from the journey of the soul through evolution, spiritual realities, and the Avatar.

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      For Meher Baba, The Ancient One. by Jane Barry Haynes. Hardcover, 632 pages. Published 1997. This collection of letters to one family provides a record of timeless love, inspiration, and spiritual guidance. They form a kind of journal, deeply personal...

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      From $8.00

      by Nan Umrigar. Softcover, 252 pages. Nan’s story that began with her best-selling book, Sounds of Silence, reached out to touch hearts all across the world. As a follow up, she narrates a collection of 29 stories told by people...

      From $14.00

      by Rick Chapman. Hardcover, 292 pages. Published 2010. This book tells the true account of a twenty-three-year-old college graduate's first trip to India on a Fulbright Grant and his subsequent private meeting with Avatar Meher Baba at a time when...

      From $7.00

      Ordinary People's Encounters with God. Edited by Carolyn Ball. Softcover, 250 pages. These are “How I came to Baba” stories, compiled by Carolyn Ball. Tales of how some of the "next wave" of Baba’s followers, those who never met Baba...

      From $7.00

      by Kenneth Lux. Softcover, 193 ppPublished 2001Kenneth’s life and voyage of discovery of the Avatar. You will have to read the book to find out where the tortoise fits in the story.”Kenneth is probably the most articulate & elegant writer...

      From $6.00

      by Bill Le Page. Softcover, 164 pages. A collection of stories and messages from the life of Meher Baba.

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      By Craig Ian Ruff. Booklet, 50 pages. The Relationship: Mastery in Servitude. First in a series of seven booklets.

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      From $3.00

      Softcover, 101 pages. by Bal Natu. A collection of delightful stories of the impact of Meher Baba on the lives of some of His followers around the world.

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      Softcover, 120 pages Stories from Meher Baba's Sahavas of 1955

      From $3.00

      The Perfect Masterby K. K. RamakrishnanSoftcover, 128 pages An introduction to Sai Baba of Shirdi, one of the five perfect masters of Meher Baba's time.

      From $7.00

      by Amiya Kumar Hazra & Keith Gunn. Softcover, 218 pages. This book, long in the making, is the result of Amiya's desire to save the Baba stories of elderly Baba lovers he knew for posterity. A valuable collection of stories...

      From $8.00

      Edited by Naosherwan Anzar. Softcover, 200 pages. Published 1984. A collection of articles from The Glow Magazine. See table of contents.

      From $50.00

      The Life of Avatar Meher Baba's Sister, Mani, by Heather Nadel. 2-Volume, Hardcover Set 1170 pages. Manija S. Irani (1918-1996), Meher Baba's younger sister, and one of His closest disciples, was a vivacious personality, a gifted writer, a sensitive musician,...

      From $5.00

      by Craig Ian Ruff. Softcover, 115 pages. From Craig Ruff’s introduction:“The Moment Within is not a poem or a story. It is an unveiling of hidden life… each one of the 411 entries that are collected here came unexpectedly. They...

      From $7.00

      My Life with Meher Baba. by Delia DeLeon. Softcover, 223 pages. Pete Townshend of The Who, in his introduction to Ocean of Love, wrote: "At times she seemed almost selfish in her driving commitment. As a composer I tried in...

      From $4.00

      Compiled by Bal Natu. Softcover, 110 pages. Stories from Meher Baba’s followers recounting experiences of His presence in their lives.