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      A Mirage Will Never Quench Your Thirst Laurent Weichberger Softcover, 141 pages In A Mirage Will Never Quench Your Thirst, Laurent Weichberger has pulled together all of Meher Baba's quotes on the spiritual implications of using drugs of any kind...


      Softcover, 389 pages. Edited by Laurent Weichberger. With a Foreword by Don E. Stevens, and an Introduction by Jane Chin, Ph.D. Various Authors. In 2002 Laurent Weichberger organized an event at Northern Arizona University titled “The Eastern Heritage Symposium: Beads...


      by Don Stevens. Softcover, 206 pages. Published 2007. With contributions from Charles Haynes, David Carter, Ed Flanagan, Elias Petrides, Marlena Applebaum, and Laurent Weichberger. This ambitious project brings together some of the most eloquent Meher Baba followers around today to...


      by Laurent Weichberger & Companions.  Softcover, 209 pages.  From the Foreword, by Evie Lindemann:  “For those potential readers who might take a dive into this book on the topic of surrender, some of what you may discover will surprise you...