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      by Brian Darnell. Softcover, 196 pages. Written in modern verse, yet steeped in the Sufi tradition, these poems are addressed to God as the Divine Companion and the Divine Beloved. This is Brian’s follow up to The Garden of Surrender.


      By Daniel Ladinsky. Softcover, 417 Pages. “You could call Hafiz the fourteenth century version of Walt Whitman. An incandescent, ecstatic pipeline to God.” — Elizabeth Gilbert Daniel Ladinsky presents 365 poignant Hafiz poems – including a section based on the...


      Avatar's Aaratis. by Digambar Gadekar. Booklet, 43 pages. A collection of Aaratis written for Meher Baba beginning in 1924 through to the present.

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      Translated by Marcellus Martyr. Softcover, 69 pages. Bhau Kalchuri's Hindi poetry, beautifully translated into English by Marcellus Martyr. These poems of Bhau's have never before been seen in English. Bhau gave his wholehearted approval to the translating work of Marcellus.

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      by Robert Dreyfuss. Softcover, 80 pages. Compiled from notebooks that Robert Dreyfuss wrote over the last two years of his life. “This collection of poems bears witness to love’s patient triumph over age and mortality. Here Robert’s voice, deep and...


      by David Stewart. Softcover, 88 pages. Poetry and Mysticism from a man who has been “to hell and has come back, spent some time doing purgatory and has now placed his feet firmly on this earth and has tied his...

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      Songs and Sighs. por Varios Autores. Softcover, 150 pages. Este libro se divide en dos partes. En la primera aparecen poemas traducidos de la obra de Francis Brabazon, Steve Klein, y Bhau Kalchuri.La segunda parte de este libro contiene varios...

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      Love poems from above the frayBy Jon Meyer Hardcover, 65 pages Clouds: love poems from above the fray has been a project of over four decades, containing poems influenced by Meyer’s traveling to 5 continents, giving lectures, and witnessing beautiful...

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      Versions of Rabi’a. by Charles Upton. Softcover, 66 pages. Stories and poetry of Rabi’a Al-‘Adawiyya, the 8th century Sufi saint. Compiled and edited by Charles Upton.

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      by Michael Da Costa. Pamphlet, 8 pages.

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      Poetry and english Ghazals. by Francis Brabazon. Softcover, 154 pages. “To Avatar Meher Baba, the Pulse of whose Poetry is the expanding universe, and the Melodies of it are the yearnings of all hearts.”


      By Mirek Popowicz. Softcover, 131 pages.


      Poetry and Prose by Max Reif. Softcover, 82 pages. “…the journey appears to be interminable and the Destination is ever out of sight. But the wonder of it is, when at last you reach your Destination you find that you...


      by Filis FrederickSoftcover, 134 pagesPublished 1990 Filis Frederick was not just the editor of The Awakener magazine, she was also a most creative, artistic and innovative person. Light on Running Water is a collection of poems she had written to...


      Reflections on states of mind and states of heart by Jon Meyer Hardcover, 65 pages As you delve into this poetic and photographic masterpiece, you are in for an inspiring double journey into the mysteries of Love and life.  Outwardly...


      Reflections on an inner and outer state by Jon Meyer Hardcover, 67 pages This book serves as a treasure map to find the visual and poetic delights that give Vermont its reputation as a haven for the soul. Like the...

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      Re-Creations of Rumi. by Andrew Harvey. Softcover, 108 pages.

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      by Michael Kovitz. Softcover, 122 pages.

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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 160 pages. Meher Roshani means the Effulgence of Meher, and Bhau, writing in the language of wine, ushers in Meher Baba’s manifestation and turns our eyes toward the wine shop at Meherabad, urging us to...


      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri.  Softcover, 208 pages. 


      Inspirational Poems and Spiritual Riddles. A mix of Poetry and Prose. by Pete Caswell. Softcover, 84 pages. From the introduction:“The poems are about the life of the spirit and the path to living with the one and only, God… let...


      Verse to the First. by John Mijac. Softcover, 45 pages. A collection of poems, some small some large. All well-done. Life lived spiritually.


      by Michael DaCosta. Softcover, 169 pages. This poetry book is a favorite by Michael Da Costa. Ever since hearing his audio tape A Garland of Egos, we have loved his work! Call it a bias to a good British accent if...


      by Meheru Irani. Softcover, 24 pages. These lovely poems of praise to Meher Baba owe only a small debt to Mother Goose, going beyond them into a spiritually captivating world of humor, playfulness and devotion. Written by one of Meher...