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      Stories of Meher Baba and His Pets, by Mehera Irani. Illustrated, Softcover, 172 pages. In this book, Mehera recounts many of the amusing anecdotes and adventures she and Baba and the other Mandali had with the great menagerie that always seemed...


      by Mani S. Irani.   Illustrated by Wodin.  Paperback, 160 pages.  Published 1993.  Mani has put down on paper 35 little gems, and what precious drops of His love they are. In her very personal, chatty style she tells us...


      Lovely Meher Baba is a children's Baba CD by Cathy Haas Riley. Cathy is well-established as one of the gems among the musicians/songwriters of the Baba-world, and reviewers agree that this CD is by far her best.Cathy has taught music...

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      by Bhau Kalchuri Hardcover, 87 pages.  Stories dictated by Avatar Meher Baba to Bhau Kalchuri, one of His close disciples. From the book's introduction: “This children’s book happened all of a sudden. In 1968, Beloved Baba told me that I should write...

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      by Meheru Irani. Softcover, 24 pages. These lovely poems of praise to Meher Baba owe only a small debt to Mother Goose, going beyond them into a spiritually captivating world of humor, playfulness and devotion. Written by one of Meher...


      DVD, 33 minutes. A short film narrated by the students of Meher English School, in Meherabad, India, under the direction of Robert Fredricks. This 2004 film tells a simple story of Merwan Irani's youth, before taking the name 'Meher Baba.'...