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      By Irwin Luck. 415 pages. "A fascinating and intimate personal recounting of Irwin Luck's life and times with the Avatar of the Age--Meher Baba.The book kept me on the proverbial "edge of the cliff" as Irwin retells events that transpired...


      Hardcover, 95 pages. by Irwin Luck. “These are the circulars sent out each week for a year. They are based on my experiences with Avatar Meher Baba who I met. For 10 years he directed and guided me in my...

      From $18.00

      Soft or Hardcover, 124 pages. by Irwin Luck. Second Edition, 2023. Originally published in 1967, the second edition contains additional material not seen in the first edition. “This second part of the book was not sent to Meher Baba as...