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      By Rick Chapman. Hard or Soft cover, 388 pages. In his earlier book Meeting God in Human Form, author Rick Chapman unfolded his experiences in India for the first few months leading up to and including his meeting with Meher...


      by Rick Chapman. Softcover, 129 pages. A brief history of the evolution of Meher Baba’s “message about drugs”, this book aims to present His views about consciousness in general and about drug-influenced consciousness in particular. Rick writes from a personal...


      by Rick Chapman.Hardcover, 298 pages. A "how-to" book about following the Lord of Love? No way! He is above and beyond all the machinations of the mind, all the doctrines and creeds, all the tenets and laws that characterize not...

      From $7.00

      By Rick Chapman. Softcover or Hardcover, 192 pages. Originally published as “How to Choose a Guru” in 1973. A word from the author: “I have written this book to help seekers from every path in their quest for an authentic...

      From $14.00

      by Rick Chapman. Hardcover, 292 pages. Published 2010. This book tells the true account of a twenty-three-year-old college graduate's first trip to India on a Fulbright Grant and his subsequent private meeting with Avatar Meher Baba at a time when...


      (being a concise account of my rendezvous in India with God in Human Form) By Rick Chapman. Softcover, 90 pages. In his memoir Meeting God in Human Form, author Rick Chapman unfolds the tale of his journey to India as...


      By Rick Chapman. Softcover, 142 pages.