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      Poetry and english Ghazals. by Francis Brabazon. Softcover, 154 pages. “To Avatar Meher Baba, the Pulse of whose Poetry is the expanding universe, and the Melodies of it are the yearnings of all hearts.”

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      by Francis Brabazon. Pamphlet, 35 pages. (out of print).

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      Hardcover, 103 pages.  "The plays presented here in book form range from the lightest fantasy in Happy Monday, through a portrait-study of a woman, the young widow of a farmer, in Singing Threshold; simple storytelling in The Bridge, to a...

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      by Francis Brabazon. Softcover, 112 pages.

      From $8.00

      by Francis Brabazon. Hardcover, 50 pages. Poetry and eloquent prose about the 1962 darshan in Poona.


      by Francis Brabazon. Softcover, 78 pages, Published 1971. A volume of matchless poetry by the one called "Baba's Poet."