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      Translated by Marcellus Martyr. Softcover, 69 pages. Bhau Kalchuri's Hindi poetry, beautifully translated into English by Marcellus Martyr. These poems of Bhau's have never before been seen in English. Bhau gave his wholehearted approval to the translating work of Marcellus.

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      Songs and Sighs. Escrito por varios autores. Tapa blanda, 150 páginas. Este libro se divide en dos partes. En la primera aparecen poemas traducidos de la obra de Francis Brabazon, Steve Klein, y Bhau Kalchuri.La segunda parte de este libro...

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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 160 pages. Meher Roshani means the Effulgence of Meher, and Bhau, writing in the language of wine, ushers in Meher Baba’s manifestation and turns our eyes toward the wine shop at Meherabad, urging us to...

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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri.  Softcover, 208 pages. 

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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri.  Softcover, 180 pages  This collection of ghazals depicting the plight of the lover and the Beloved is the third in a series of four volumes written by Bhau Kalchuri — Meher Sarod, Meher Roshani, and Ocean...

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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 167 pages Published 1988. Another collection of Bhau’s sublime Ghazals dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba.


      by Bhau Kalchuri. Pamphlet, 43 pages. Written by Bhau for the 1985 and 1988 Southern California Sahavas.


      Softcover, 138 pages.  A New Collection of One Hundred and Thirty Eight Ghazals by Bhau Kalahari.  “In Sun Rays, Bhau speaks directly to his Beloved and occasionally to the ‘people of the world’. Regardless of whether Bhau is praising or complaining to...