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      Poems of Meher Baba. Translated by Paul Smith. Softcover, 361 pages. Meher Baba took 'Huma' (Phoenix) as his pen-name when he composed these enlightened ghazals in his twenties as a realized disciple of the Perfect Master Upasni Maharaj.


      by Marla Faith. Story by Meher Baba and Hafiz. Softcover, 57 pages. Size 8-1/2 x 11”Art and poetry by Marla Faith and guests. A short parable by Hafiz is retold by Meher Baba, and then illustrated with colored pencil drawings...

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      by Francis Brabazon. Hardcover, 50 pages. Poetry and eloquent prose about the 1962 darshan in Poona.


      Poems to the Divine Beloved. by Brian Darnell. Softcover, 175 pages. Part I - The PathPart II - WinePart III - DevotionPart IV - Surrender See also A Jewel in the Dust, another great collection by the Brian Darnell.

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      Poems by Hafiz, Translated by Daniel Ladinsky. Softcover, 333 Pages. "To God's magnificent masquerade-- as us!" Lousy at Math Once a group of thieves stole a rare diamond larger than a goose egg. Its value could have easily bought one...


      by Michael DaCosta. Pamphlet, 82 pages. A collection of writings, stories, poems, and anecdotes, including the text of a talk Michael on the theme of Meher Baba and counseling.

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      by Craig Ian Ruff. Softcover, 115 pages. From Craig Ruff’s introduction:“The Moment Within is not a poem or a story. It is an unveiling of hidden life… each one of the 411 entries that are collected here came unexpectedly. They...


      Selected Poems of Rumi. Softcover, 117 pages. Compiled by Daniel Ladinsky.

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      60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz. Version by Daniel Ladinsky. Paperback 67 pages. “A poet is someone who can pour light into a cup, then raise it to nourish your beautiful parched, holy mouth.” —Hafiz


      Poems of Two Continents. by Nancy Wall. Softcover, 46 pages. “With love and gratitude to all the Mandali of Avatar Meher Baba and to my extended families both here and in India, particularly to Dara and Amrit Irani for their...


      Poems by Paul Smith. Softcover, 330 pages. Large Format Paperback 7" x 10". Baba declared that he would 'break his silence' with the one Word of words that would be heard by all and begin the New Humanity on earth...


      Softcover, 142 pages.  The Well at World's EndMax Reif Max Reif lives across San Francisco Bay from the city, and for years has taught, played music, and done "dramatic readings" of children's picture books for the pre-schoolers at Meher/White Pony...


      by Irma Sheppard. Softcover, 86 pages. The Well of Longing is a book of poems which trace from the author's childhood through adulthood and into senior years, a time span of seventy years, the stepping stones leading toward increased awareness,...

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      by Ruth White. Hardcover, 68 pages. Published 1957. Used Book - Out of print. 25 poems, each set opposite a message from Meher Baba in a unique format.

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      by Francis Brabazon. Softcover, 78 pages, Published 1971. A volume of matchless poetry by the one called "Baba's Poet."


      By Mickey Karger. Hardcover, 146 pages. I am the great Rememberer and Forgetter.In one life I slay you in childhood, in another I grow you into an old man;in both, before the beginning of each, I wipe the memory away.I...


      Poetry by Craig Ruff. Softcover, 131 pages. A gifted poet, Craig Ruff lived and worked in Meherabad for many years. "To be poetic about poetry is to say it is a 'high cry of loneliness.' And those of us who...


      The Advent of Avatar Meher Baba. Poems by Michael Mathias. Softcover, 61 pages.

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      by Alice Klein. Softcover, 118 pages. Beautiful and heartfelt, these poems are drawn from the fabric of her own life.

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      Softcover, 130 pages.  Poems by Jeff Wolverton and Bob Jaeger. Delightful and fun, each page has a poem by one of them, faced by a poem from the other. “Bob and Jeff have written modern poetry here— not the sonnets...