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      From $7.00

      Poetry and english Ghazals. by Francis Brabazon. Softcover, 154 pages. “To Avatar Meher Baba, the Pulse of whose Poetry is the expanding universe, and the Melodies of it are the yearnings of all hearts.”


      USED BOOK By Steve Klein. Softcover, 75 pages. First Edition, published 1983. Poetry and Prose to the Beloved.

      From $5.00

      by Mirek Popowicz. Softcover, 149 pages. All the fierceness — and the wondrous joy ― of a man in love with God explodes out of these poems by Mirek. His honesty is blunt; his perceptiveness startling; his heart wide open,...


      USED BOOK by Lee Rogers Minchey. Hardcover, 48 pages. Published 1976. Poetry and Prose inspired by the Avatar.

      From $8.00

      by Francis Brabazon. Hardcover, 50 pages. Poetry and eloquent prose about the 1962 darshan in Poona.

      From $5.00

      by Craig Ian Ruff. Softcover, 115 pages. From Craig Ruff’s introduction:“The Moment Within is not a poem or a story. It is an unveiling of hidden life… each one of the 411 entries that are collected here came unexpectedly. They...