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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri.  Softcover, 208 pages. 


      Inspirational Poems and Spiritual Riddles. A mix of Poetry and Prose. by Pete Caswell. Softcover, 84 pages. From the introduction:“The poems are about the life of the spirit and the path to living with the one and only, God… let...

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      Verse to the First. by John Mijac. Softcover, 45 pages. A collection of poems, some small some large. All well-done. Life lived spiritually.

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      by Michael DaCosta. Softcover, 169 pages. This poetry book is a favorite by Michael Da Costa. Ever since hearing his audio tape A Garland of Egos, we have loved his work! Call it a bias to a good British accent if...

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      by Meheru Irani. Softcover, 24 pages. These lovely poems of praise to Meher Baba owe only a small debt to Mother Goose, going beyond them into a spiritually captivating world of humor, playfulness and devotion. Written by one of Meher...

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      By Steve Klein. Softcover, 75 pages. First Edition, published 1983. Poetry and Prose to the Beloved.

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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri.  Softcover, 180 pages  This collection of ghazals depicting the plight of the lover and the Beloved is the third in a series of four volumes written by Bhau Kalchuri — Meher Sarod, Meher Roshani, and Ocean...

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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 167 pages Published 1988. Another collection of Bhau’s sublime Ghazals dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba.


      Softcover, 76 pages.  Odes to the King of Hearts Poetry by Namo

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      by Pamela Ann Topley. Spiral bound, 37 pages. 

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      Translated by Paul Smith. Softcover, 352 pages.

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      Various Authors. Softcover, 102 pages. Over sixty people contributed to this collection of poetry about the Avatar, including Mani, Padri, Robert Dreyfuss, Lyn Ott, Filis Frederick, Ward Parks… the list goes on…


      Poetry and Prose, by Steve Klein. Softcover, 88 pages. This is a reprint of the volume originally published in 1978.


      Poems by Dick Holmes. Softcover, 343 pages. Published 2007. “I think God might give me one of the biggest okay winks He winked in a while ― maybe even winked in the last 13 million years ― if I stole...


      Poems to the Divine Beloved. by Brian Darnell. Softcover, 390 pages. A collection of almost 400 inspirational and contemplative poems about love, the way of attainment and the Divine Beloved. See Brian's other collections, A Jewel in the Dust and...


      by Bhau Kalchuri. Pamphlet, 43 pages. Written by Bhau for the 1985 and 1988 Southern California Sahavas.

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      Hardcover, 103 pages.  "The plays presented here in book form range from the lightest fantasy in Happy Monday, through a portrait-study of a woman, the young widow of a farmer, in Singing Threshold; simple storytelling in The Bridge, to a...

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      by Mirek Popowicz. Softcover, 149 pages. All the fierceness — and the wondrous joy ― of a man in love with God explodes out of these poems by Mirek. His honesty is blunt; his perceptiveness startling; his heart wide open,...

      From $4.00

      by Josephine Esther Ross. Softcover, 108 pages.Second Edition. Josephine met Meher Baba during his first visit to America at Harmon-on-the-Hudson in November 1931, and many of the poems in this book result from that meeting. In June, 1937, she married...

      From $19.95

      by Rick M. Chapman. 80 pages (Heavy art paper illustrated in full color). Published 2011. From the Forward: “I heard God laughing at the attempts of so many of us trying to translate the poetry of a 14th-century Perfect Master...


      by John Mijac. Booklet, 41 pages. A great collection of poems devoted to Avatar Meher Baba.


      Softcover, 138 pages.  A New Collection of One Hundred and Thirty Eight Ghazals by Bhau Kalahari.  “In Sun Rays, Bhau speaks directly to his Beloved and occasionally to the ‘people of the world’. Regardless of whether Bhau is praising or complaining to...

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      by Lee Rogers Minchey. Hardcover, 48 pages. Published 1976. Poetry and Prose inspired by the Avatar.

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      by Francis Brabazon. Softcover, 112 pages.