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      by Ward Parks. Track List: 1. Name-Jap 2. Babahu 3. Infinite Light 4. How Beautiful You Are 5. Our Minds We Offer Meher 6. My Secret Love 7. In Every Station 8. How To Express the Unnameable You 9. Glory...


      By Ward Parks. Track List: 1. Meher Baba’s Name (No. 1) 2. Premnagar 3. I Am All for Meher 4. Come Within a Flowering of Gold 5. In Rememberence I Wait 6. When Joseph and Mary 7. Meher Baba’s Name...


      By Ward Parks. Track List: 1. The Word of God 2. Within the Mirror of the Double 3. Song of the Road 4. O Mehera of Beloved Memory 5. Freedom is God My Soul 6. Prophet of Medina 7. Meher...


      By Ward Parks. A Jim Wilson Review: “Shipwreck! entices the eye with a haunting photo cover of Meher Baba on the viewpoint at Mahabaleshwar digitally set against a background of the churning ocean and a storm-clouded horizon. Baba appears to...


      By Ward Parks. From a review by Jim Wilson: “Our brother, Ward, has been writing poems and melodies tor many more than the 20 years I've known him. As time passes I sec a volume of work growing in quantity,...