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      By Ash and Campagna. Track List: 1. Hollywood Arti 2. Loving You 3. Run to Him 4. Giving it Up 5. In the Nite of Dreams 6. House of the Lord 7. Rickshaw 8. Baba Bollo 9. Could It Be...


      Anyone who has enjoyed Debbie's powerful vocals will find her true to form on this CD. Track list: At Last Woman's Blues Ya Soothe Me Could It Be Someone I've Been Waiting For You Nothings Gonna Take You Away Father...


      Deborah Ash and Michael Campagna Track list: Hollywood Arti Chains He's Got The Whole World In His Hands Easier Said Than Done White Horse Climbing Higher Mountains Precious Lord - You Got A Friend Giving It Up Baba Bollo


      Recorded live at the 1999 AMBCSC Silence Day Sahavas in Pigrim Pines, California. Featuring Deborah Ash, Michael Campagna, Robert Een, George Gerdes, Billy Goodrum, Raphael Rudd, Harry Thomas, Rob Thornburn, and the Still Yet More Chamber Players. Track List: 1....


      By Deborah Ash and the Baba Groove Masters. Recorded live at the Ashville Music Sahavas, August 2017. Track List: 1. To the Glory of Love (Mani S. Irani) 2. Come Closer Stay Longer 3. Notwebutone 4. Precious Love The Baba...