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      by Julie Rust. Reviewed by Karl Moeller. If the songs on this album were paintings, they would be pastels or watercolors of various views of a limpid pool in twilight. The main colors arc Julie Rust's flawless voice, and her...


      By Julie Rust. Two disc set, one being music and the other being “Audible Insights”. In these “insights”, little gifts of wisdom spoken with musical accompaniment, Julie calls upon her own experiences of growth and change expressed in simple, refreshing...


      By Julie Rust. Reviewed by Jane Brown, Myrtle Beach: “Sitting in the audience at Southwest Gathering one day in April, maybe seven years ago I was very surprised and thrilled with the incredible talent of Julie Rust. Out of the...


      Julie Rust. A beautiful collection of original lullabies with piano, guitar, flute, violin and recorder. Instrumental versions included for sing-along. Track List:1. Loveland 2. Fly to the Moon 3. Sweet Child 4. Sleep My Baby Sleep 5. Angel   Instrumentals:6. Loveland...