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      By Michael Da Costa. Track List: 1. Nowhere to Nowhere 2. The Kiss & The Stone 3. Dear Baba 4. The Singer & The Song 5. Interactions With My Self 6. Meditation 7. A-Z Reflections


      Spoken Word by Michael Da Costa. Frail Love Tokens is a meditation on the nature of love, bringing together the spiritual and the interpersonal aspects of experience in a free flowing poetic form. Michael says: "a piece. or pieces. about...


      By Michael Da Costa. A collection of 6 dramatic monologues and one song, written and performed by Michael Da Costa. They express in a variety of ways - both serious and humorous - some of "the devious tricks of a...


      by Michael Da Costa. This is the second selection of the best of Michael Da Costa's songs written by him for Meher Baba and His Lovers, and performed by him on vocals, guitar and clarinet. Track List: 1. There Was...


      by Michael Da Costa Songs for the Divine Beloved and His Lovers


      by Michael Da Costa. Track List: 1. Welcome to My World 2. I am 3. Coming Round the Mountains 4. Longing to Long 5. Now Is The Time 6. The Singer and the Song 7. Silence Day 8. Fill Our...