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      By Francis Brabazon. Sung by “The Love Street Singers” at Meherazad, directed by Raine Eastman-Gannett. Track List: 1. The Name Meher Baba 2. He is the Ancient One 3. His Compassion 4. Evolution & Involution 5. Our Journey 6. His...


      by Raine Eastman-Gannett and Sam Saunders.  Excerpts and songs from the play, “Being Is Dying By Loving”. Melodies and lyrics all written by Francis Brabazon (except where noted). Track List:1. The Dawn Song 2. Loud Sounding Sea 3. Cry Song 4....


      by Raindust (Raine Eastman-Gannett)  “The ghazal is a Persian poetry form. I have written these ghazals and poems in the English language about sustaining our beautiful bird, plants, animals, rivers, brooks, and pure water.” These pieces are by Raine Eastman-Gannett...


      Raine Eastman-Gannett sings ghazals by Francis Brabazon.


      by Raine Eastman. Track List: 1. Melt Me 2. Darshan 3. O Man (Brabazon) 4. Freiny-etta’s Song 5. I’d Really Love to Love You 6. He is Beautiful to Me 7. O Moon 8. Take My Breath Away 9. Gazing...


      by Raine Eastman (Rani Didi) Track List: 1. Chakra Bija (seed) Mantras 2. Auspicious Mantra 3. Surya Bija (seed) Mantras 4. Surya Namaskar Mantra 5. Gayaatri Mantra 6. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 7. Purusha Mantra 8. Santipatah Mantra 9. Primary Bija...


      Blues and Gospel, Songs and Ghazals by Raine Eastman-Gannett. "Handsome rider on your fine white horse~ riding by,
You made me love you and then left me outside Paradise." -Brabazon Track List: 1. Avatar's Abode2. Those Rockin' Avatars3. Honey on the Rock4....


      The lyrics of Francis Brabazon, performed by Raine.  Track List: 1. He is the King 2. O Man 3. Loud Sing His Praise 4. The Moon was Low 5. Meher Joy 6. When Isreal 7. I Rose at Daybreak 8. As a Thirsty Sheep 9. O Glorious Eternal...


      by Raine Eastman-Gannett, Sam Saunders, and the Wine Shop Singers. All Songs by Francis Brabazon, from his book of praise to the Avatar, The East-West Gathering.