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      Avatar Meher Baba’s universal tunes played on flute. Track list: 1. Introduction 2. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai 3. Japu Tumhara Naam Meher Baba 4. Meher Baba Meher Meher 5. Hare Meher 6. Sachithanand - Paramanand 7. O Glorious (Australian...


      Avatar Meher Baba’s universal tunes played on flute. Track list: 1. Introduction 2. Baba Baba - Jai Meher Baba 3. Jai Baba - Jai Baba Meher Baba 4. Hari; Paramatma 5. Suno Meher Baba Ki Kamoshi Vani 6. Baba Meher...


      Various Artists. Traditional Devotional Music recorded at the Woodford Folk Festival. Track List (artist): 1. Satnaam (Dya Singh) 2. Her Demel (Feridun Avar) 3. Bhatiyali (Pandit Sardar) 4. Vaishnava Janato (Sulagna Basu) 5. Om Mani Padme Hum (Tenzin Choegyal) 6....

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      Amigos del Amigo Spanish Track List:1. Giro 2. El Poeta (Brabazon) 3. Oh, Bhau 4. Yezdan 5. Japu Tumhara Naam 6, Cocinate en la Hoguera 7. Hacia El Sol 8. La Tunica 9. Delirio del Corazon

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      By Bob Fredericks. (see technobaba.com) Track List: 1. Dance to His Tune (Adi K. Irani) 2. It’s Real (Don Stevens) 3. Tribal (instrumental) 4. Talk and Talk and Talk (Bhau Kalchuri) 5. Love For God (Dr. Bharucha) 6. Time For...


      Recorded live at the 1999 AMBCSC Silence Day Sahavas in Pigrim Pines, California. Featuring Deborah Ash, Michael Campagna, Robert Een, George Gerdes, Billy Goodrum, Raphael Rudd, Harry Thomas, Rob Thornburn, and the Still Yet More Chamber Players. Track List: 1....


      A collection of Beloved Baba's favorite ghazals. MP3 format.


      Various Artists. Hafiz Love Poems presented in Western styles by the singers and musicians from Sufism Reoriented. Track List: 1, Forever Dance (Randy Hammon) 2. Awake Awhile (Henry Mindlin) 3. You Better Start Kissing Me (Antoinette Davis) 4. I Took...


      Various Artists. Track List: 1. Tu y Yo 2. Meherabad 3. Disfranzado 4. Estrellita del Sur 5. Sweet Beloved 6. Silencio 7. One More Moment 8. En el Ojo de la Tormenta 9. Venus 10. Moon of Meherabad (Parks) 11....