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      Books By Close Mandali

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      1932 - 1934. Bhau Kalchuri. Hardcover 355 pages. The fifth in the 20 volume biography of Avatar Meher Baba focuses on a period of several trips to the West. Including visits to Italy, England, France, Switerland, New York, California, Honolulu,...

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      1934 - 1940. Bhau Kalchuri. Hardcover 668 pages. A double volume covering the Complicated Free Life, Full Free Life and Fiery Free life and also his travels in America. Describes Avatar Meher Baba's first visit to Meher Spiritual Center in...

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      A Story of Life with Meher Baba by Kitty Davy. Softcover 728 pages. Published 2nd edition, 2001. In 1931, on Meher Baba’s first trip to the West, Kitty Davy met Him and immediately accepted Him as her very reason for...

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      by Don Stevens. Hardcover, 173 pages. Don Stevens points up man’s ageless need for security, the unprecedented loss of the basis for it in recent decades, and the manner in which the inner values to sustain it can be reestablished...


      by Don Stevens & Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 79 pages. Published 2005. A series of emails between Bhau Kalchuri and Don Stevens, discussing Baba's words and their interpretation of them.

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      by Bhau Kalchuri. Edited by Ward Parks. Paperback, 94 pages. An exploration into the meaning of “Mastery In Servitude”.

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      Fifteen Essays by Don Stevens & Companions.Softcover, 197 pages. From a review by Ralph Lewis: “This is one of the most significant books ever written about the spiritual path. It is an in-depth profound exploration of how we obtain guidance...

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      Hardcover, 726 pages.  The New Life began on October 16, 1949 and ended on February 12, 1952. During this two-and-a-half-year period, Baba seemingly set aside His Divinity to play the role of a seeker or lover of God, a role...


      Softcover, 234 pages.  This latest volume from Don Stevens, "Meher Baba's Word and His Three Bridges", is jam packed with deep sharing, emotionally charged issues, priceless stories, fantastic ideas, contemplative questions, and much more. The entire book is based on...

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      by Don Stevens. Softcover, 314 pages. Published 1999. Meher Baba the Awakener of the Age is a book divided into two sections. Part one presents a biographical sketch of Meher Baba’s life. Part two elucidates Don’s understanding of Meher Baba’s...


      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 160 pages. Meher Roshani means the Effulgence of Meher, and Bhau, writing in the language of wine, ushers in Meher Baba’s manifestation and turns our eyes toward the wine shop at Meherabad, urging us to...

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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri.  Softcover, 208 pages. 

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      by Bal Natu. Paperback, 100 pages. Published 1993. Bal Natu peacefully passed home to the Awakener on October 7, 2003, at the age of 84. “More Conversations” is the second book in a series of four, an incredible sharing of...


      Second editon, hardbound, 708 pages. Includes more than 50 pages of color photos from the Jessawala Family Album. From the book’s forward, by Mehera Kerawalla-Arjani: “Dear Reader, the memoir you are reading is not just the story of Meherwan Jessawala’s...

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      by Bhau Kalchuri Hardcover, 87 pages.  Stories dictated by Avatar Meher Baba to Bhau Kalchuri, one of His close disciples. From the book's introduction: “This children’s book happened all of a sudden. In 1968, Beloved Baba told me that I should write...

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      by Norina Matchabelli. Hardcover, 166 pages. With an introduction by Christopher Wilson and Charles Haynes.

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      by Meheru Irani. Softcover, 24 pages. These lovely poems of praise to Meher Baba owe only a small debt to Mother Goose, going beyond them into a spiritually captivating world of humor, playfulness and devotion. Written by one of Meher...

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      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri.  Softcover, 180 pages  This collection of ghazals depicting the plight of the lover and the Beloved is the third in a series of four volumes written by Bhau Kalchuri — Meher Sarod, Meher Roshani, and Ocean...


      Ghazals by Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 167 pages Published 1988. Another collection of Bhau’s sublime Ghazals dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba.

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      Softcover, 586 pages.  Ramjoo's DiariesRamjoo Abdulla Ramjoo's Diaries cover the years 1922-1929 in this personal account of the early days living with the God-Man, Meher Baba.Edited by Ira G. Deitrick, (Walnut Creek, CA: Sufism Reoriented, c1979),1922-1929A Personal Account of Meher...

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      by Bal NatuSoftcover, 116 pages Companion to Our Constant Companion, stories of the impact Meher Baba has had on the lives of His followers around the world. Compiled by Bal Natu.

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      Hardcover, 103 pages.  "The plays presented here in book form range from the lightest fantasy in Happy Monday, through a portrait-study of a woman, the young widow of a farmer, in Singing Threshold; simple storytelling in The Bridge, to a...


      by Don Stevens. Softcover, 113 pages. Published 1995. Some Results recounts Don Stevens’ observations on the effect of Meher Baba over some decades on the lives of people Don had known intimately.

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      A Statement in Illusion on Reality, by Francis Brabazon. Softcover, 166 pages. Before leaving Australia, after His 1956 visit, Meher Baba told Francis to write a simple book for beginners on the spiritual path. Although not as simple as Baba had...