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      Books by Close Mandali

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      Travels in India with Meher Baba, 1939-1945. by William Donkin, Softcover 350 pages. Illustrated with photographs. Donkin first joined Avatar Meher Baba in India in 1939 as a young doctor from England — and remained with Him for 30 years,...

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      Compiled by Jim Mistry. Softcover 176 pages. Published 1983. The letters, written both before and after Meher Baba dropped His body, contain varying amounts of Baba’s active participation, but up until 1969 they were written with His knowledge and at...

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      Meher Baba with the God-Intoxicated, by William Donkin. Hardcover 576 pages, Published 1948. (Out of print) Dr. William Donkin, British medical officer and world-class adventurer met Meher Baba in London in 1933. Immediately after becoming a doctor in 1939, Donkin...

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