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      Books by Close Mandali


      The Teachings of Meher Baba. Las enseñanzas de Meher Baba. Por Don Stevens. Tapa blanda, 322 páginas. La primera parte es una biografía de Meher Baba. La Parte 2 se adentra en Sus enseñanzas, incluyendo el Capricho, los sanskaras, el...

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      by Don Stevens. Softcover, 117 pages.

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      by Don Stevens. Hardcover, 173 pages. Don Stevens points up man’s ageless need for security, the unprecedented loss of the basis for it in recent decades, and the manner in which the inner values to sustain it can be reestablished...

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      by Don Stevens & Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 79 pages. Published 2005. A series of emails between Bhau Kalchuri and Don Stevens, discussing Baba's words and their interpretation of them.


      Fifteen Essays by Don Stevens & Companions.Softcover, 197 pages. From a review by Ralph Lewis: “This is one of the most significant books ever written about the spiritual path. It is an in-depth profound exploration of how we obtain guidance...

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      Softcover, 234 pages.  This latest volume from Don Stevens, "Meher Baba's Word and His Three Bridges", is jam packed with deep sharing, emotionally charged issues, priceless stories, fantastic ideas, contemplative questions, and much more. The entire book is based on...

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      by Don Stevens. Softcover, 314 pages. Published 1999. Meher Baba the Awakener of the Age is a book divided into two sections. Part one presents a biographical sketch of Meher Baba’s life. Part two elucidates Don’s understanding of Meher Baba’s...

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      by Don Stevens. Softcover, 113 pages. Published 1995. Some Results recounts Don Stevens’ observations on the effect of Meher Baba over some decades on the lives of people Don had known intimately.

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      Compiled by Don Stevens. Softcover, 354 pages. Third edition, published 2022. New printing of an old classic originally published in 1976. Don Stevens interviewed Eruch, Mani, Mehera, and Meheru and captured their stories of the New Life on audio tape,...

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      by Don Stevens. Compiled and edited by Laurent Weichberger. Softcover, 285 pages. This book is based on a seminar given by Don E. Stevens during October 2007. He felt strongly that the most important spiritual work in the world today...


      by Don Stevens. Softcover, 103 pages.


      Softcover, 133 pages.  In an interview with Wayne Smith, Don Stevens describes what he calls three daytime 'visions' he had while walking down the street: "I was walking, and suddenly, I was not in the city, but I was on--...