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      Books By Close Mandali


      Softcover, 149 pages.  Bal Natu, a member of Avatar Meher Baba’s mandali, shares with the readers a series of conversations in this extraordinary book – inner conversations with the Awakener, the Avatar of the Age. A recommended buy for devotees...


      Soft cover, 770 pages, includes over 200 photographs.  Glimpses of the God-Man at Guru Prasad.  These lively glimpses of life with Meher Baba during His visits to Guru Prasad—starting in 1951 to His annual visits from 1957 to 1968—illuminate the...


      by Bal NatuSoftcover, 116 pages Companion to Our Constant Companion, stories of the impact Meher Baba has had on the lives of His followers around the world. Compiled by Bal Natu.


      by Bal Natu. Paperback, 129 pages. Published 1997. In a deeply thought-provoking and heartfelt meditation on the unique significance of Meher Baba’s Samadhi in India, Bal Natu shares his personal reflections and convictions on its special role in the Avatar’s advent. Tracing the...