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      Books by Meher Baba

      Books by Meher Baba
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      by Meher Baba. Softcover, 287 pages. Edited by Charles Purdom. This version of Meher Baba’s Discourses was first published in 1955 as God to Man and Man to God. There are some differences in verbiage between this version and the...

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      Der Gottliche Plan der Kreation. by Meher Baba. Hardcover, 432 pages.

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      By Meher Baba. Hardcover, 109 pages. Out of Print. Explanations of Spirituality written in Baba’s own hand, probably in 1925. This is a coffee-table sized book containing actual sized facsimile copies of the 39 pages hand written by Baba Himself...

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      Pamphlet, 16 pages. 

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      Hardcover, 746 pages As stated in the Foreword by Meherwan Jessawala: This book plumbs the depths of esoteric truths never before revealed to humankind. The book's theme is an ageless one, ever old and ever new: God as Infinite Intelligence....


      Love and Wisdom, the Sayings and Treatises of Meher Baba. Spruche und Abhandlungen von Meher Baba. Softcover, 90 pages. German.

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      Edited by Ivy O. Duce. Hardcover, 74 pages. In 1956 Avatar Meher Baba came to the United States and for the first time in 20 years allowed publicity. At His major stops He met with reporters and gave a number...

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      by Avatar Meher Baba. Soft or Hardcover, 264 pages. For the western mind, India has long been a symbol of the incomprehensibility of the East. Listen, Humanity takes the reader into the very heart of the life of India and, through the...


      By Meher Baba. Pamphlet, 16 pages. Reprinted from Meher Baba’s Discourses, these two topics remain ever so relevant in today’s times.


      Lys Over det Andelige Panorama. by Meher Baba. Booklet, 64 pages.


      Hardcover, 72 pages.  Meditation for a New HumanityMeher Baba  In modern times, a few types of meditation have gained a worldwide following among people who seek relief from stress in a secular context. By contrast, Meher Baba's view is firm...


      by Meher Baba. Softcover, 86 pages. Farsi Translation. A collection of Avatar Meher Baba's sayings, some whimsical and some profound. Easily carried in your pocket or purse, it can be your constant companion.


      Softcover A collection of Avatar Meher Baba's sayings, some whimsical and some profound. Easily carried in your pocket or purse, it measures only 5 x 4" with around 100 pages. It can be your constant companion.

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      Pamphlet, 80 pages.  Compiled from a series of articles Meher Baba gave to “The Meher Message” from January 1930 to March 1931. Also included are excerpts from the Awakener magazine, as well as “God to Man and Man to God”...

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      The mystical side of self-realization Softcover, 56 pages 

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      Meher Baba on Love The booklet 'MEHER BABA ON LOVE', originally conceived, compiled and published in 1966, was an effort to share with as many as possible the expositions made by Avatar Meher Baba on the subject of LOVE during...


      Softcover, 71 pages A compilation of what Baba had to say about sex and marriage, the Avatar goes beyond mere morality to explain the spiritual significance of these matters.

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      Softcover, 170 pages  


      Hardcover, 657 pages.  The long-anticipated Meher Baba’s Tiffin Lectures is now available. More than twenty years in the making, Meher Baba’s Tiffin Lectures is a record of dictations given over a seventeen-month period, from April 1926 through August 1927. This beautiful 690-page hardcover edition includes more...

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      Pamphlet, 19 pages. The God-Man The Seven Realities of Meher Baba My Wish Worship and Prayer Parvardigar Prayer The Prayer of Repentence The Prayer For Love Meher Baba’s Arati

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      Translated by Paul Smith. Softcover, 352 pages.


      by Meher Baba Booklet, 74 pages. Contains approximately 70 brief missives on a variety of topics, including Selfless Service, Intellect, Irresponsible Godhood, and The Mind's Wandering in Maya, to name a few. The content is drawn from 'The Meher Message',...


      Pamphlet, 16 pages This little pocket-sized pamphlet is excerpted from Baba's Discourses.

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      Pamphlet, 64 pages This small booklet is compiled from writings in the name of Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age, and made available to society in order to enlighten the awareness of man with the true values of life...

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