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      Books By Meher Baba

      Books By Meher Baba

      Pamphlet, 16 pages This little pocket-sized pamphlet is excerpted from Baba's Discourses.


      Pamphlet, 64 pages This small booklet is compiled from writings in the name of Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age, and made available to society in order to enlighten the awareness of man with the true values of life...


      Pamphlet, 24 pages The question of every man and woman is 'What is the meaning of my life?' All religions provide answers to the question, and their teachings are intended to enable their followers to experience the truth of what...


      Hardcover, 302 pages.  Teachings is a selection from 50 years of Meher Baba's discourses that have appeared in the pages of Glow International. In the discourses in this book, Meher Baba, often with great emphasis, shows the practical way towards...


      The Advancing Stream of Life.. It's Mystery, Meaning, and Purpose Softcover, 192 pages Selected writings compiled from books by Meher Baba: Beams; Listen Humanity; Life At Its Best; God Speaks; and Discourses.


      유 와 무 Softcover, 328 pages.  The Everything and the Nothing In both Korean and English.  Edited by Mark Choi This is a very beautifully made book with an abundance of photos. Sixty-five messages by Meher Baba from the early 1960s. The statements appeal to...


      Softcover, 115 pages This little book carries 65 of Avatar Meher Baba’s messages from the early 60s. The East West Gathering, where thousands of Eastern and Western lovers were brought together in one massive darshan is detailed. “These Discourses were...


      Softcover, 129 pages  In 1952 Filis Frederick asked Avatar Meher Baba if she could start a magazine published in America for the Westerners. Meher Baba was most enthusiastic about this project, and helped her throughout the years by sending her...


      Softcover, 48 pages From the introduction [sic]: "This is a bouquet of variegated flowers of Baba's sayings culled from His writings, given at different times and places. It is not an uncommon experience in my view, that when the big...


      Softcover, 52 pages.  by Meher Baba 1. What Baba Means by Real Work 2. My Dear Workers 3. Meher Baba’s Last Warning to His Lovers From the preface to the book: “The three messages by Avatar Meher Baba presented here...


      Pamphlet, 48 pages God being infinite, the question can be answered in an infinite number of ways and words. But answers are not Truth. Answers are not experience. It is possible, however, for every man and woman to experience personally...