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      Books by Meher Baba

      Books by Meher Baba

      Meher Baba wrote these ghazals under the pseudonym of Huma. Recited here by Naosherwan Anzar in Hindustani, and in english by Cecilia Kirtland. Track List: 1. The Beloved’s Face 2. Sometimes 3. The Cage 4. The Slave 5. His Grace...


      Hardcover, 72 pages.  Meditation for a New HumanityMeher Baba  In modern times, a few types of meditation have gained a worldwide following among people who seek relief from stress in a secular context. By contrast, Meher Baba's view is firm...

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      Discourses and Conversations. Compiled by Naosherwan Anzar. Softcover, 156 pages. Published 2001. In the ordinary man of the world the limited individuality, which is identified with a finite name and form, predominates. Its mundane activities create a veil of ignorance...