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      Books About Meher Baba

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      My Life with Meher Baba by Margaret Craske. Softcover 193 pages. Published 1980. Margaret Craske was a world famous ballet teacher and was used to the harsh discipline that the dance required. However, before her first day’s contact with Meher...

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      by Francis Brabazon. Hardcover, 50 pages. Poetry and eloquent prose about the 1962 darshan in Poona.


      by D.V. Balakrishna Meher. Softcover, 169 pages. “I never make plans, I never change plans, it is all one endless plan to make you realize that there is no plan.” —Meher Baba, from The Glory of Meher Baba, page 50)....

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      The Life, Journeys and Work of Meher Baba with an Interpretation of his Silence and Spiritual Teaching. by Charles Purdom. Softcover 463 pages. Completed by one of Meher Baba's early western disciples in 1962, The God-Man, an expansion of Purdom's...

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      Lessons in Discipleship. The Diaries of Minoo Kharas, Softcover, 288 pages. A powerful testimony of man’s search for God, this is a practical manual for spiritual seekers everywhere. The book features rare photographs from the Beloved Archives Photo Collection.Minocher Kharas, known...

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      The Life of Avatar Meher Baba's Sister, Mani, by Heather Nadel. 2-Volume, Hardcover Set 1170 pages. Manija S. Irani (1918-1996), Meher Baba's younger sister, and one of His closest disciples, was a vivacious personality, a gifted writer, a sensitive musician,...


      My Life with Meher Baba. by Amiya Kumar Hazra. Softcover, 371 pages. 2nd Edition, Published 2001. Ze-tet-ic: As an adjective, it means "inquiring, investigating" and "proceeding by inquiry or investigation," or, as a noun, "inquirer." Amiya Kumar Hazra was born...

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      More Stories and Messages from the Life of Meher Baba. Compiled by Bill LePage. Softcover, 175 pages.

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      The early life of Meher Baba. by Charles Purdom. Softcover, 330 pages. Used book, Out of Print“This early biography of Meher Baba was first published in 1937. It treats in depth the period from 1911 to 1931, when the author...

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      Soft or Hardcover, 48 pages.  The Silent Master, Meher BabaIrwin Luck Book compiled by Irwin Luck. Meher Baba received this book in his hands on Silence Day, July 10, 1967. He called it "unique, it is art, it is a...


      The Life and Work of Meher Baba.By Tom and Dorothy Hopkinson. Edited and compiled by Shelagh Rowling. Softcover, 311 pages. Published 2019, Meher Baba Association. The Meher Baba Association presents the final book by Sir Tom and Lady Dorothy Hopkinson,...

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      THE SILENT WORDFrancis Brabazon   Softcover, 424 pages Being some chapters of the Life and Time of Avatar Meher Baba, by Francis Brabazon   In a mystical utterance, Baba once used the image of the key with respect to the...

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      Meher Baba in Australia. by Bill Le Page. Softcover, 428 pages. Published 1993. Meher Baba traveled to many places in the world during His lifetime, leaving behind His presence and His love. Many accounts have been written about those travels...

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      Pamphlet, 48 pages by TK Ramanujam

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      Meher Baba with the God-Intoxicated, by William Donkin. Hardcover 576 pages, Published 1948. (Out of print) Dr. William Donkin, British medical officer and world-class adventurer met Meher Baba in London in 1933. Immediately after becoming a doctor in 1939, Donkin...

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      September 11 - September 30,1954. by Malcolm Schloss and Charles Purdom. Softcover, 165 pages. In September, 1954, twenty Western men had the unique opportunity to spend three weeks in the company of Avatar Meher Baba.It was a chance to participate...


      Softcover, 80 pages Meher Baba's Universal Prayer, colorfully illustrated by Will David.


      by Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 75 pages. Farsi Translation. This book tells of Bhau’s experiences as Meher Baba’s night watchman.

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      Softcover, 120 pages This book tells of Bhau’s experiences as Meher Baba’s night watchman. "It was mostly in the long hours of the night, while the world slept, that the Ancient One forged for his use a most splendid disciple....


      Softcover, 128 pages By K. K. Ramakrishnan, an introduction to the life and teachings of Meher Baba.


      Compiled by Rick Chapman,  Softcover, 387 pages.  A Personal Selection of the Words of Avatar Meher Baba.  From the introduction: “Meher Baba made everyone who met Him feel as if he or she were of the utmost personal importance to...