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      Books About Meher Baba

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      by Bill Le Page. Softcover, 112 pages.

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      Compiled and edited by William Le Page. Softcover, 154 pages. Stories from days with Meher Baba.


      by Bill Le Page. Softcover 129 pages. Published 1999. Bill Le Page shares some of his thoughts and memories about his life with Meher Baba. Most of the brief stories and vignettes in this book were gathered by Bill from...

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      More Stories and Messages from the Life of Meher Baba. Compiled by Bill LePage. Softcover, 175 pages.

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      Meher Baba in Australia. by Bill Le Page. Softcover, 428 pages. Published 1993. Meher Baba traveled to many places in the world during His lifetime, leaving behind His presence and His love. Many accounts have been written about those travels...