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      by Bhau Kalchuri. The complete 20 volume set in twelve books. Hermes version. Published over the course of several years, we think the color of the cover changed when the later volumes were printed...?Sold only as a complete set. For...


      by Bhau Kalchuri. Edited by Vladimir Madic. Softcover, 440 pages. "I do not change your destiny but I give you the inner strength to face the battle of Life." --Meher Baba. A remarkable collection of Baba’s words, uplifting and blissful....

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      by Bhau Kalchuri. Edited by Ward Parks. Paperback, 94 pages. An exploration into the meaning of “Mastery In Servitude”.

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      by Bhau Kalchuri. 
Hardcover, 344 pages. 
Published 2009, 2nd Edition. (used book, white hard cover, near-mint condition) “I am giving you ten percent of the book I wrote in the years 1925-1926.” — Meher Baba. Here Baba is referring to a...

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      Hardcover, 726 pages.  The New Life began on October 16, 1949 and ended on February 12, 1952. During this two-and-a-half-year period, Baba seemingly set aside His Divinity to play the role of a seeker or lover of God, a role...

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