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      Foreign Language


      Lys Over det Andelige Panorama. by Meher Baba. Booklet, 64 pages.


      By Mischa Rutenberg. Songs In Spanish. Track List: 1. Forma Perfecta Es 2. La Fonte 3. Solo Dios Basta 4. Cruzar el Umbral 5. Como Canica de Amor 6. Cada Movimiento (Hafiz) 7. Que Pasa? 8. Derrama el Aceite (Hafiz)...


      by Meher Baba. Softcover, 86 pages. Farsi Translation. A collection of Avatar Meher Baba's sayings, some whimsical and some profound. Easily carried in your pocket or purse, it can be your constant companion.


      Una introduccion al Avatar de la Era. por Rick Chapman. Spanish translation of MEHER BABA * THE COMPASSIONATE ONE. Traducido al espanol por Carlos Burre. Este pequeno libro brinda una introduccion al Avatar de la Era, Meher Baba. Ofrece un...


      In Farsi. by Mehera Irani. Hardcover, 315 pages. Compiled from talks and original tape recordings of Mehera J. Irani. The life story of Mehera is a divine romance that fills the reader with feelings of love and purity. It is...

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      Amigos del Amigo Spanish Track List:1. Giro 2. El Poeta (Brabazon) 3. Oh, Bhau 4. Yezdan 5. Japu Tumhara Naam 6, Cocinate en la Hoguera 7. Hacia El Sol 8. La Tunica 9. Delirio del Corazon

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      n Farsi. by Bhau Kalchuri.Softcover, 87 pages. Stories dictated by Avatar Meher Baba to Bhau Kalchuri, one of His close disciples. From the book's introduction:“This children’s book happened all of a sudden. In 1968, Beloved Baba told me that I...


      In Farsi. by Dr. Jams. Softcover.

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      Pamphlet, 28 pages. Pocket-sized booklet containing the Master’s Prayer (Parvardigar), The Prayer of Repentance, A Prayer for Baba Lovers, plus the Gujerati, Hindi, Australian, and American Artis. All with side-by-side english (except the Gujerati and Hindi Artis).

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      by Meher Baba. Spiral Bound.


      by Meher Baba. Softcover. Farsi translation of the timeless classic. This little book carries 65 of Avatar Meher Baba’s messages from the early 60s. The East West Gathering, where thousands of Eastern and Western lovers were brought together in one...


      유 와 무 Softcover, 328 pages.  The Everything and the Nothing In both Korean and English.  Edited by Mark Choi This is a very beautifully made book with an abundance of photos. Sixty-five messages by Meher Baba from the early 1960s. The statements appeal to...

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      by Bhau Kalchuri. 
Hardcover, 451 pages.  “I am giving you ten percent of the book I wrote in the years 1925-1926.” — Meher Baba. Here Baba is referring to a book He wrote in His own hand in seclusion and...

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      Softcover, 70 pages.  


      In Hebrew. Compiled by Bal Natu. Softcover, 92 pages. Stories from Meher Baba’s followers recounting experiences of His presence in their lives.


      by Bhau Kalchuri. Softcover, 75 pages. Farsi Translation. This book tells of Bhau’s experiences as Meher Baba’s night watchman.


      Various Artists. Track List: 1. Tu y Yo 2. Meherabad 3. Disfranzado 4. Estrellita del Sur 5. Sweet Beloved 6. Silencio 7. One More Moment 8. En el Ojo de la Tormenta 9. Venus 10. Moon of Meherabad (Parks) 11....

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      DVD, 24 minutes Avatar Meher Baba dictated the prayer-poem You Alone Exist to his close disciple Bhau Kalchuri. The prayer describes the all-pervading nature of God through many attributes, from simple to sublime. This film features a number of short...

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