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      DVD, NTSC, 95 minutes.  This DVD is highly recommended. It is the excellent work of French Baba lover Paul Comar. The first half-hour is a selection of black-and-white stills of Baba, each one fading into the next. The balance is...


      DVD, 35 minutes.  A stirring collection of old, rare, and more recent stills and film footage of Baba, Mehera, the women Mandali and others, beautifully set to the music of Buz Conner, Al Jolson, Margaret Bernstein, Jamie Newell, Katie Irani,...


      DVD, 33 minutes. (Shipped in a sleeve without the traditional DVD cover).  Mehera J. Irani was Avatar Meher Baba's chief woman disciple. Meher Baba said "Mehera and I are One. What I feel, many times Mehera feels the same. Mehera...